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Then in Honkajoki turned a new page into life and also into music in the middle of the "peak years". Religion, young love, children, own house. As a couple of teachers, we started at the Pappila school in 1983. 

In Honkajoki Pentecostal Church, I had a lot of responsibilities at that time as a choir director, accompanist, Honkajoki Brothers in the men's singing group and later as the leader and player of the Synsygus youth band (1989-1995). The men's singing group of the Honkajoki Pentecostal Church, the Honkajoki Brothers, had been operating since the 1970s under the direction of the talented Aulis Haavisto. Its main singers at that time were Tuomo's brothers Jukka, Pekka and Timo. On this basis, it was easy to continue the tradition in the 1980s, of course Pekka had already moved to Nastola with his family. The composition in the performance situations always varied from duo to octet. The members of the vocal group have been Timo Tuomi (guitar and vocals), Kai Sundström (guitar and vocals) and the singers are Jukka Tuomi, Teuvo Poikkeus, Seppo Kohtamäki, Mikko Juhala, Veijo Katara and Jouko Paloviita. Indeed, a considerable number of "performances" accumulated in spiritual events, meetings, tents, dining rooms, and churches in the vicinity for more than a decade.

A choir was also formed. The male voices were based on the members of the brothers' choir and the female voices were based on "veterans" from the time of Aulis, as well as the younger singers of Synsygus. 

The Synsygus gospel band was founded in 1989 and had time to be active for six years, until the group disbanded and the young people went to study, etc. The band made a record Rich, Clean Life in 1992 at the traditional Laser Studio in Ulvila. The band then performed quite a lot at various spiritual events and concerts, mainly in the Satakunta area.