My music studio

Here is some pictures and story from my music studio. About 15 years ago, I built music studio and home theater facilities in our outbuilding. A lot will now be done on the side of the living room and the studio space will be used in some other ways.
By the way, you can click on the images to enlarge them.

These digital verbs are used for machining and mixing. DAW is a Cubase 11 pro and in addition a host of other plugins and bulls as needed. I make a pretty hybrid of both midi and audio, so there's usually a lot of stuff on the tracks to work on. As an old covenant man, I prefer organic as much as possible. 

As keyboards you can find Nord Electro 4D and Yamaha PSR-3000 and also Yamaha Motif. Of course, these are more for gigs, because the midi is conveniently suitable for less, usually Arturia Keystep in the picture above.

Of course I have a real piano too and sometimes you have to try it with a mic. The tuning is already waiting ... 

Mics are 2 x Rode NT1-A and Shure SM58.

Always happy to play guitars as audio. 

Guitars are most often played with these, at least if no suitable plug-ins can be found. The VOX effects pedal is pretty good.

The percussions go with Yamaha's digital drums and of course the digiloops and midi keyboards also make a rumble and ring. 

The Yamaha AW1600 audio workstation will sometimes be used, although it is best suited for live recordings (8 x mic-in) even at gigs and workouts.

My adult younger daughter's  lodge has become a music nest so far at least. 

The monitors are the best A-class: Genelec and Sonos.